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Years of Trust

Relief soap factory was established in the year of 1969. The company is working in the same location since it was established, that is more than 50 years in the same industry and same location

The founder of the company is Mr. Vadaji Lakhaji Maru belonged to a business class family and belonged to Sirohi district of Rajasthan. He was foresighted person and plunged in the manufacturing with limited resources at that time. His main aim to maintain quality at all the cost and provide best products to the common families at a very reasonable price.  He managed the company in all aspects, i.e. production sales and marketing along with his son Dalpatbhai Vadaji Maru.


Since the year 1985 Shri Dalpatbhai is managing the business. Initially the company was manufacturing detergent cakes, detergent liquid and washing power with the brand name “MIRA”. With invent of new technologies the company has adopted new technologies and improved the quality and also introduced several other products. Today the company is regularly manufacturing multiple products including Detergent powder, Detergent cake, liquid detergent, Liquid hand wash as well as multipurpose washing liquid (utensils cleaner).


We at relief soap factory are involved in manufacturing of various household cleaning products since the year 1969. We always maintain the best quality in our products, our products are mainly free from chemicals that are harmful for skin. More than 60 % of our population, either belongs to Middle class or lower middle class income bracket. Thus, we have always made sure that our products are affordable to the large larger population of our country. Our cloth washing soap “Relief Soap” has a price tag starting Rs.5 per cake to Rs.15 per cake. This makes it the most penetrated product in the segment. In recent years we have launched a new product with the name “Mira” cleaning detergent liquid. The price of Mira is kept highly competitive against products of multinational companies. Our prices are hard to maintain for us as we are also providing value for money in all our products. The product, Mira liquid detergent is a big hit in several districts of Gujarat state. We are continuously expanding our existing dealer distributor network in multiple districts of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Interested parties from FMCG line may contact us directly.

Mission & Vision

To provide best quality product to customers at a very reasonable cost.

The Mark of Quality

Relief Soap Factory’s team of highly qualified and trained professionals are always set to develop and refine products that set the benchmark for quality, and assess the effectiveness of new products formulated in order to exceed customer expectations.

Quality control has a wide range of measuring and testing equipment to verify and certify a constant quality in the productions of the products, testing methods to assess the effectiveness of new products.

Every product of Relief Soap Factory is sealed and packed to ship after conscientious quality check. We always strive to ensure that the products delivered toour clients and our esteemed customers are conforming to national and international standards of quality.

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